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Jim - do you think this could hold up the sale?
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Sample Question #1

Jim, I am a North Bay Realtor, and with all the rain this last winter, I am wondering what geotechnical hazards I should be looking out for on my properties? I want to make sure nothing holds up my property sales this Spring as the market rebounds.

Jim's Answer

Remember when reviewing new listings, check to see if winter rains have resulted in any of the following:

  • Ground soaking from roof gutters that empty next to foundations
  • Ponded water in yard areas
  • Open ground cracks in yard areas
  • Erosion gullies
  • Sand boils from rodent burrows

Winter rains may have caused weakened or eroded soil conditions which could require mitigation and could affect home values. This spring, reassure your clients by directing them to the best geotechnical information available.

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