picture of cracked foundation Geologic Hazards Effecting the Homeowner

  • Effect property and home values, livability, depreciation, safety
  • Undisclosed problems could end up in lawsuits
  • Property owner with originating land movements are responsible

What Are Some of The Warning Signs of Home Distress?

  • Out-of-square door and window frames
  • Sticking doors
  • Sloping floors
  • Cracks in foundations, walls and slabs
  • Open ground cracks in yard areas
  • Landslides, soil slumps
  • Undermined footings, tilting/separated floor support posts
  • Signs of soil moisture, ponding, moss, white solution deposits, natural water loving plants

What to Do?

  • Identify the problems and likely causes in a geotechnical evaluation
  • Determine relative severity and relative cost of mitigation
  • Perform geotechnical investigation for repair design criteria
  • Resupport distressed foundations, walls and slabs by underpinning/ removal and/or regrading
  • Repair unstable slopes by regrading
  • Improve drainage systems to capture/contain/convey surface and subsurface water

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